Fairfield Green Cleaning

All our residential services are personal; we keep our teams small, 2-3 at a time, and use the same cleaners each session to build familiarity with your preferences and home. For your safety and ours, all our cleaners wear masks and gloves, sanitize before and after each clean, and adhere to your personal Covid-19 regulations.

Its in our name; “Green”, currently we are offering biodegradable, plant and mineral based products upon client request. As a company we are using recycled paper towels and recycling all our products once used. Protecting our environment is important and Fairfield Green Cleaning is committed to becoming more eco-friendly every day.

We know that each home is different and why we don’t have fixed pricing or limitations (long list of rules), but rather customize our pricing and services to your needs.  We are not a franchise cleaning company, and we will stay that way for it is our goal to always keep things personal and specialized. As a client of ours you are not a cog in the machine as you would be at larger franchise cleaning services, you are a respected partner.



• Full Home Cleaning
• Bedding and Laundry
• Organization of closets
• Experts in move-ins


• Full Apartment Cleaning
• Bedding and Laundry
• Organization of closets


• Guest Arrival/Check Out Cleaning
• Bedding and Laundry
• Room Service

Real Estate

• Open House/Showing
• Floors and Surfaces
• Window Cleaning

Post development cleaning

• Post Construction Cleaning
• Floors and Surfaces
• Window Cleaning

One time cleaning

• Move-In-Out Cleaning
• All of our services for a quick clean no matter the occasion

All residential cleans include the following:

Kitchen counters, cabinets (exterior)
Wipe down all tile walls and mirrors
Refrigerator (exterior)
Table tops and counters
Toilet Cleaning
Bathroom shower/tub
Bathroom Counters
Floors (vacuum)
Dry mopping
Wet mopping
Dispose garbage and recycling
Change bedding and make beds (upon client request)
All cleaning supplies and equipment
Satisfaction guaranteed (insured upon contracts and client request)

For deeper cleans, we will accommodate your requests, some services may include but not limited to the following:

• Inside cabinets
• Inside oven and fridge
• Laundry
• Interior windows
• Interior baseboards, walls, and extra spaces needed

Keeping a home clean isn't always as easy as it seems, allow us to do it for you.

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